Promoting sociology in Australia
Facilitating sociology teaching and research
Enhancing the professional development of TASA members
50 Years of Social Inquiry, Engagement and Impact


About TASA

Promoting sociology in Australia. Facilitating sociology teaching and research. Enhancing the professional development of TASA members.


TASAweb is an online resource for sociology and the social sciences in Australia . It aims to provide information to a wide range of communities and interest groups, including TASA members, undergraduate and postgraduate students, social science scholars, social policy analysts and consultants, government officials, media representatives, and the general public.

TASAweb was established by John Germov and launched on 22 July 1996. Until December 2001, TASAweb resided at the University of Newcastle. In December 2001 TASAweb moved to a new and permanent URL and on 12 March 2002, a redesigned site was launched. In 2010 the TASA Executive undertook a review of TASAweb and decided that it was time to develop a new site with improved functionality and cost-effectiveness. The new website was launched in January 2011.

Using TASAweb

TASAweb operates on a four-level menu system:

  • The primary menu (main) is listed down the left hand side of the screen;
  • The secondary menu appears when you roll your mouse over one of the main menu items;
  • The third menu is in the coloured tabs, which are visible once you click on one of the main menu pages. When you click on these tabs the secondary menu reappears on the left hand side so that you always know where you are in the site;
  • The fourth menu is the quick links listed on the right hand side of some pages.

The Homepage also has 6 large Quick Link Tabs, with image backgrounds. For fast access to certain sections of the website, you can click on the Tab titles and the links listed within each Tab. An overview of the menu structure can be found on the sitemap. We hope you enjoy exploring the new TASAweb.

TASAweb has been designed to be accessible to all users. It meets all Priority 1, and the majority of Priority 2 and 3 checkpoints in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

TASA Advertising Policy

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