Applied Sociology

Qualitative Social Network Research for Relational Sociology
Alexander, Malcolm

Exploring Economism in Migration Policy and Research
Boese, Martina

Studying up, down, sideways and through: situated research and policy networks
Bowman, Dina

Census Nightmares: The more we know, the less we trust it?
Carter, Meg

Reassessing Asylum-Seeker Dispersal in the UK: A Local Case Study
Dawson, Andrew

The Interaction Order of Second Life: How micro sociology can contribute to online games innovation
Grant, Eryn

Quests for Camelot: Re-thinking Sociology as Vocation using Jean Martin’s Presidential Address to SAANZ Conference 1971
Hogan, Trevor

Who is publishing in the Journal of Sociology? An analysis of author trends 1965–2008
McGee, Tara Renae

Policing communities in Vietnam: Intercultural lessons for community policing with Vietnamese Australians
McKernan, Helen

“The women are revolting”: A database of women’s movement protest events
McLaren, Kirsty and Strong, Catherine

Reworking the sociology of trust: making a semantic distinction between trust and dependence
Meyer, Samantha

Structural social capital and mental health in Australia: an analysis of the 2007 Household Income and Labour Dynamics (HILDA) Survey
Miller, Helen and Arunachalam, Dharma

The relationship between Sociology and cognate disciplines: Law
Roach Anleu, Sharyn and Mack, Kathy