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Changes have been made to this section of the membership form to accommodate TASA'S two searchable Directories: (1) the Members Directory, which is an internally searchable database available to TASA members only, and (2) the Directory of Research Expertise, which is a publicly searchable database for use by the media, government agencies and researchers who wish to locate sociologists with particular areas of expertise.

If you have checked the 'I consent to my contact details being published in TASA's online members' directory' question above (General Information section of this form), then the Areas of Interest selections you make below will appear in the internal directory searchable by TASA members only. For each of the Areas of Interests you select (maximum of 5), you will be given the option to have your details appear next to that interest in the publicly searchable Directory of Research Expertise. For example, you can select your Areas of Interest as Ageing, Rural, Family, Sport and Youth but only have Ageing listed as your Area of Expertise. This option will only appear once you have selected an Area of Interest. If you check this option, you are authorising TASA to store your title, name and email address on the publicly searchable Directory of Research Expertise. Your details will then appear on TASAweb when someone searches in areas that you have selected. Please note, your details and selections can be updated at anytime throughout the year.

  Area of interest Area of expertise
Aborigines and Indigenous People
Alienation Theory and Research
Applied Sociology
Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution
Biography and Society
Bodies and embodiment
Clinical Sociology
Community Research
Comparative Sociology
Consumption and Consumerism
Criminology, Deviance & Social Control
Critical Disability Studies
Culture and Cultural Policy
Demography and Population Research
Development and Social Change
Economics & Economic Life
Emotions and Affect
Environment and Society
Family, Intimacy and Relationships
Futures Research
Gender and Sexuality
Historical Sociology
History of Sociology
History/Comparative Sociology
Housing and Built Environment
Human Rights and Global Justice
Immigration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
Industrial Sociology
Institutional Ethnography
Labor Movements
Language and Society
Law and Society
Leisure, Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Local / Global Relations
Media, Communication, Information and Public Opinion
Mental Health and Illness
Migration, Ethnicity & Multiculturalism
Nationality and Citizenship
Occupations and Professions
Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management
Political Economy
Political Sociology
Professional Groups
Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations
Rational Choice
Regional and Rural Sociology
Science and Technology
Social Class and Social Stratification
Social Indicators
Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Change
Social Psychology
Social Theory
Social Welfare and Social Policy
Teaching Sociology
Urban Sociology
Visual Sociology
Water Management & Reform
Welfare Issues and Human Services
Women in Society

5. Thematic Groups A maximum of three groups can be selected.