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Thematic Groups

TASA members can join up to 3 Thematic Groups.

Established Groups

Thematic Groups (TG) are allocated a page on TASAweb, which contains:

  • thematic group aims and objectives;
  • convener/s contact details;
  • a list of current members.

Thematic Groups pages can also contain:

  • information about upcoming events;
  • photos from previous events;
  • calls for paper submissions;
  • links.

Content on these pages can be tailored to suit the needs of each thematic group.  Thematic Group conveners can request for content to be added or removed from their respective TG page by sending all the details to TASA Executive Officer (

TASA members can join up to 3 thematic groups . When you become a member of a TG, your name will automatically appear in the members’ list on the respective, thematic group TASA web page. Please email your name and email address to the convener of the thematic group/s you have joined.

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