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Teaching Sociology

Threshold Learning Outcomes

The final Threshold Learning Outcomes document is now available for viewing.

Teaching Sociology

To start off the discussion about teaching sociology, I thought it would be good to interview Professor Evan Willis from La Trobe University. Evan teaches on a number of campuses including the metropolitan Bundoora campus in Melbourne as well as the Bendigo, Mildura and Wodonga campuses.

The reference is E. Willis and E. Burns 2011 ‘The empty shops project: Developing rural students’ sociological insight’ Teaching sociology 39(1): 27-41.

To view this interview you will need Apple QuickTime which is a free download from


Roger Wilkinson
TASA Multi Media Manager

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The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority information on VCE and Sociology can be viewed here.

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Teaching Sociology in Australia and a special edition of Nexus on Teaching Sociology are both available in the Teaching Sociology Thematic Group  webpage under Publications.