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Advertising Policy

The TASA Advertising Policy outlines the conditions, procedures and fees for advertising and/or distributing promotional material via TASAweb, the Members’ Newsletter, Twitter and the Nexus newsletter. TASA accepts advertising material from members and non-members regarding opportunities in employment, research, study, and products and services relevant to TASA members.

General Conditions

The policy covers:

  • Advertising via mail-outs to TASA membership
  • Nexus Newsletter advertising
  • Advertising via the TASAweb site and the Members’ Newsletter
  • Twitter.

General requirements

  • The advertising material must be of professional interest to TASA members
  • Applications for permission to advertise must be made emailed to the TASA Executive Officer
  • TASA reserves the right to refuse acceptance of advertising

Privacy requirements:

  • TASA will not provide any personal information about members, including e-mail or mailing addresses, to third parties. TASA Office will handle the distribution of any paid advertisements via its email list and/or mailing list as long as the material is deemed to be of professional interest to TASA members. Material will only be sent to members who have agreed to be recipients as per the Spam Act 2003.

Mailing List Rental Policy

The list is regularly updated throughout the year to ensure currency and accuracy.

1. Rental Fee

The rental fee is $525 base rate and must be prepaid in Australian dollars. The fee includes postage and handling. This rate is based on a standard business size envelope (11x22cm). Please contact the TASA Office for an adjusted fee if you need to mail out larger items.

2. Conditions of Use

  • TASA mailing list is available for rent on a one-time use basis
  • The use of the mailing list must be of professional interest to TASA members. Upon application to rent the list, a sample copy of the information to be mailed to members must be provided. TASA reserves the right to refuse mailing list rental applications
  • TASA will charge an additional fee for all items exceeding the size
    of a standard business size envelope

3. Delivery

  • The advertiser must supply sufficient hardcopies of their material (in standard business size envelopes) for postage to members.
  • The TASA office will attach mailing labels to the supplied envelopes containing advertising material and will take responsibility for postage to the membership.
  • The mailing list is not available as an electronic file, email attachment, or in hard copy form as adhesive mailing labels.
  • The advertising material will be posted to the membership within 10 working days upon receipt and approval of the rental application.

4. Application to rent the TASA mailing list

Apply to rent the mailing list in writing, either by letter, fax or email by sending your application (including a sample of the information to be mailed to members) to:

  • TASA Executive Officer, TASA Office
  • The Australian Sociological Association
  • Institute for Social Research
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • PO Box 218, Mailbag H98
  • Hawthorn VIC 3122
  • Email: TASA Office
  • Ph: +61 3 9214 5283

Nexus newsletter advertising rates

1. Rates

The following rates apply to advertising in the Nexus newsletter, which is distributed to all TASA members. The fee must be prepaid in Australian dollars.

TASA Members:

  • 1/4 page $100
  • 1/2 page $140
  • Full page $180
  • Inserts: 1 Page loose (including production of 600 copies): $230


  • 1/4 page $175
  • 1/2 page $350
  • Full page $525

2. Advertising copy submissions and payments

Please note: GST will be added to all fees

Nexus advertising copy and payment should be submitted directly to TASA office:

Copy deadlines are located on the Nexus overview page.

TASAweb and TASA Members' Newsletter

1. Rates

  • Careers site: $350 for job advertisements
  • Full advertisements, supplied in Word and PDF formats, listing complete position description and contact details, including placement on the web site for one month, distribution via TASA’s Members’ Newsletter and Tweets.
  • Short advertisements of jobs 3-4 ad lines directing people to a URL address for one month (Members’ Newsletter $150, Website $150, Combined Members’ Newsletter and website $250), and Tweets.

Application to advertise on TASAweb

Please note: GST will be added to all fees

Apply to advertise on TASAweb and/or TASA’s  Members’ Newsletter via email:

TASA Executive Officer, TASA Office