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Awards & Prizes

TASA bestows several prestigious awards, including the Jean Martin Award for best PhD, the Stephen Crook Memorial Prize, the Raewyn Connell Prize, the Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology Award and the occasional Distinguished Services to Australian Sociology Award. Each year TASA also offers scholarships intended to support postgraduates and those working outside academe to participate at TASA’s annual conference. The Conference Scholarship for TASA Members with Disabilities was established in 2011. Further details on all of TASA’s Awards, Prizes and Scholarships can be accessed via the links below:

2013 Award winners

From left, Evan Willis (recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award), Kirsten MacLean (Conference MC), Xiaoying Qi (2013 JMA recipient), Adam Possamai (2013 JMA Chair), Eileen Clark (2013 recipient of the Outstanding Service to TASA Award), Jo Lindsay (2012/2013 TASA President), & Gary Bouma (recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award).