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TASA Sociology in Action Award

This award recognizes contributions to the practice of sociology outside of academic settings. It is conferred on a TASA member who has made an outstanding contribution to sociological practice in Australia.

In this context, outstanding contributions to sociology in action highlight the value and impact of sociological methods and theories to society. This includes both broad social issues, as well as more focused issues for industry, government, business or community sectors.

Nominations for the award will be judged against the following criteria:

  • The application of sociology knowledge, methods and expertise to contribute to solving social problems
  • The applicant’s role in the use of sociology for addressing social issues
  • Recognised impact on a practical sociological problem, whether broad or focused in nature. Impact may be demonstrated through references from relevant stakeholders, and/or presentations, media, and publications (peer-reviewed, policy and general).


No more than one Award will be made each year, unless there are unusual and compelling reasons to make two Awards. The award may be granted to a single nominee or to a team. All nominees must be TASA members.

It is not necessary to make an Award every year, and it is to be expected that there may be years when an Award is not made.

The Award will comprise an engraved plaque and certificate. Recipients will be invited to write an opinion piece about some aspect of their work for publication in Nexus, TASA Blog, Journal of Sociology or any other publication TASA may sponsor at the time of the Award. A list of Award winners will be maintained on the TASA web site.

The Executive will call for nominations each year, with nominations closing June 15. The Award will be presented at the TASA Conference in the same year. This time schedule may be altered in any year at the discretion of the Executive. Recipients shall be offered the same assistance as other TASA prize winners to enable them to attend the prize presentation.

The written nomination must respond to the criteria in no more than 1000 words and must be accompanied by a two-page (maximum) curriculum vitae of the nominee. The CV should focus on work and outputs related to the nomination. Applicants may submit other materials (ie multimedia) with their nomination form. The nomination must be signed and supported by two TASA members and accompanied by a written reference from someone outside the applicant’s organisation who can comment on the impact and relevance of the applicant’s contribution.

Nominations will be considered by the Executive as a whole. At its discretion the Executive may assign this task to a sub-committee chaired by the President or Vice-President, with the decision to be ratified by the whole Executive.

The Sociology in Action Award process will be covered by the TASA grievance procedures. Apart from this, the Executive’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Inaugrual Recipient - 2015


Inaugural Recipient – Alan Scott