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Genders & Sexualities Thematic Group

Aims and Objectives

This group will facilitate and support research and collaboration sociological inquiry into the range of practices and ideologies which shape human experiences of genders and sexualities. This thematic group aims to build on the past few decades of intensive feminist and queer theoretical work on the complex phenomenon of human life variously labelled as sexgender, or sexuality. We aim to investigate the implications for everyday life of this evolving critique and re-imagine these ideas and practices from a sociological perspective.

Topics of interest include:

  • Social movements (e.g., Women’s Liberation, Gay Liberation, etc.)
  • Same-sex sexualities (e.g., Lesbian, male gay)
  • Homosexuality within historical and normative discourses
  • Gendered Identities (incl. genderqueer, non-binary and emerging identities)
  • Sexual Identities (incl. asexuality, and new models of sexual identity)
  • Pansexuality/Bisexuality
  • Trans* lives
  • Intersexuality and alternative embodied genders
  • New models of sexuality and eroticism (sapiosexuality, romantic attractions, etc.)
  • Indigenous sexual and gender identities (including Brotherboys/Sistergirls)
  • Sexual practices, both normative and non-normative (e.g., PIV sex, BDSM, body modifications, beautification)
  • Examinations of privileged sexual and gender practices (e.g., cisgenderism, heterosexuality)
  • Discrimination, marginalisation and exclusion (e.g., sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, legal barriers in the workforce)
  • Gender, power, and coercion (e.g., normative medical models of sex/gender)
  • Activism (e.g., trans* activism, ACTUP)
  • Gendered and sexualised violence
  • Sex work, both legal and non-legal (e.g., escorts, prostitution, and pornography)
  • Theoretical framings of genders and sexualities (e.g., feminisms, womanism, men’s rights)
  • New methodologies examining the above practices (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, and post-qualitative methods)
  • Philosophical and ethical issues surrounding human sexualities and gendered practices.
  • Interactions between social sciences research on genders/sexualities, and biomedical research and practice.
TASA Genders and Sexualities Thematic Group Open Letter on anti-trans rhetoric

This group was endorsed by the Executive on March 18, 2016. The original group, Families, Relationships & Gender, was split to form two new groups; Families & Relationships and Genders and Sexualities.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Recent Articles

Group Conveners:

Donna Bridges
Donna Bridges
Charles Sturt University

Ruby Grant
La Trobe University

Yang Zhao
Yang Zhao
University of Queensland

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