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Careers and Study

 The TASA Careers & Study site aims to provide the latest advertisements for new jobs and scholarships, as well as links to other Academic Job and Postgraduate sites. You’ll also find up-to-date web links for Sociology Departments in Australia and New Zealand, and general information and links on developing a career in sociology.

Why study sociology in Australia? Professor Michael Gilding (Swinburne Institute of Social Research) outlines three excellent reasons in Word (38.0kb) and Pdf (10.7kb). If you are thinking about studying in Australia, you may find this Study in Australia website useful.

If you are interested in working in Australia using your sociology qualifications from another country you may find the following links useful:

 - Qualifications and skills recognition
 - Immigration South Australia
 - Unit Group 2724: Social Professionals
 - Application Process
 - Vetassess -provide skills assessments to assist you in planning to migrate to Australia

Which careers can you pursue with a Bachelor of Arts?

 - Jobs & Scholarships Board
 - Sociology Departments
 - Careers in Sociology
 - PostAc
 - Employment search website
 - What is Sociology?
 - What does Sociology offer our society today? (filmed in 2013)
 - Sociology in Australia 
 - Sociology at Work
 - 6 part podcast series on Internships

Many Australian universities have Masters of Arts (or similar) programs that involve producing a thesis. For example, the University of Tasmania and Western Sydney University.  If you are interested in Masters by coursework focusing on sociology,  you could visit the websites of some universities that you are interested in and have a look at the course options.

Useful links

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching

Australian Public Service Recruitment

Gradlink Online: Graduate Opportunities

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette

Life after the PhD: 8 inspiring post-PhD interview websites

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What can you do with a sociology degree?
What you can do with a sociology degree?

If you’re interested in working with people and communities, then sociology is for you. Sociology focuses on the study of human behaviour and social interaction to understand how societies are organised, develop and change. Graduates in sociology develop skills and knowledge applicable to a wide variety of jobs. These skills and knowledge include:

  • an understanding of social and cultural issues
  • high-quality written and oral communication skills
  • research skills and a capacity for detailed observation
  • the ability to work independently and in groups.

Graduates also develop more specialised skills and knowledge that are needed for the following types of employment:

  • Work involving social groups and social processes: such as minority and ethnic groups, crime and substance abuse, youth issues, family matters, industrial relations, poverty, globalisation…
  • Social research: devising surveys, collecting data, and conducting interviews and fieldwork; including the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the information collected
  • Social policy and planning: community development, cultural resource management, social justice issues, social aspects of health care, migration…
If you are a high school student interested in a career in sociology, click here.

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Where do graduates in sociology work?
Where do graduates in sociology work?

Many areas of the public and private sectors employ graduates with social science skills. For example:

  • Federal, State and Local Governments: social services, teaching, industrial relations, criminal justice work, policy development and implementation, case management, group work with youth or the elderly, urban planning, general administration, migrant and multicultural affairs…
  • Community and Non-profit Organisations: administration, overseas aid & development agencies, social research, policy development, lobbying…
  • Business: consumer/social research, public relations, publishing, personnel work, training.
  • Further Study and Academic Work: Honours, Masters and PhD study, university and TAFE teaching, research assistant work.

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Some of the jobs recent sociology graduates have taken
Some of the jobs recent sociology graduates have taken
  • Youth officer | Multicultural affairs liaison | Welfare officer | Journalist
  • Community project officer | Development officer | Age & disability officer
  • Administrative officer | Electorate officer | Personnel administrator | Research assistant
  • Market analyst | Sales office manager | Service adviser | Client service manage

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Sociology careers web sites
Sociology careers web sites


Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) congratulating Michelle Peterie on being the 2018 JoS Best Paper Award winner for Docility and Desert: government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate

Sociology Links

Recent Jobs
Recent Jobs