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Key Reports

If you are a TASA member, and you would like your Key Report/s listed on this web page, please email the details (referenced and a link, where possible) to TASA Admin.

For published works since March 2019 see our 
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Boese, M., van Kooy, J. and Bowman, D., 2018. Humanitarian migrants, work and economic security on the urban fringe: how policies and perceptions shape opportunities, Fitzroy: Brotherhood of St Laurence.

El-Murr, Alissar (2018). Intimate Partner Violence in Australian Refugee Communities: Scoping review of issues and service responses. CFCA Paper No. 50. Melbourne: Australian institute of Family Studies.

Robinson, C (2018) Outside in: How the youth sector supports the school re-engagement of vulnerable children in Tasmania, Hobart, Anglicare Tasmania.

Dina Bowman and Marcus Banks (2018) Hard times Australian households and financial insecurityBrotherhood of St Laurence.

The Men’s Project & Flood, M, (2018) The Man Box: A Study on Being a Young Man in Australia. Melbourne: Jesuit Social Services. URL:

Carlisle, E., 
Fildes, J., Liyanarachchi, D., Perrens, B. and Plummer, J. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Report: Youth Survey 2017. Mission Australia: Sydney, NSW. Here is a link to the full report (free to access) – report as well as an infographic The report also featured on ABC News, SBS , the Guardian , Triple J , and other local news sites including the First Nations Telegraph.

Anne Stephens, 
Ellen D. Lewis, and Shravanti Reddy (2018) Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices (ISE4GEMs)United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). 

Dina Bowman, 
Agathe Randrianarisoa and Seuwandi Wickramasinghe (2018). Enhancing employment services for mature-age jobseekers. The Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Couch, Danielle. 2018 Let's yarn about cancer Loddon Mallee – Final Report, Loddon Mallee Aboriginal Reference Group, Bendigo

Spaaij, R., Farquharson, 
K., Gorman, S., Jeanes, R., Lusher, D., Guerra, C., White, S., & Ablett, E. (2018). Participation versus performance: Managing (dis)ability, gender and cultural diversity in junior sport. Full report. Melbourne: Centre for Multicultural Youth.

Spaaij, R., Farquharson,
 K., Gorman, S., Jeanes, R., Lusher, D., Guerra, C., White, S., & Ablett, E. (2018). Participation versus performance: Managing (dis)ability, gender and cultural diversity in junior sport. Summary report. Melbourne: Centre for Multicultural Youth.

Spaaij, R., Farquharson,
 K., Gorman, S., Jeanes, R., Lusher, D., Guerra, C., White, S., & Ablett, E. (2018). Infographic: Participation versus performance. Inforgraphic. Melbourne: Centre for Multicultural Youth.

Harvey, Andrew, Mallman, Mark, Szalkowicz, Giovanna & Moran, Anthony (2018). Raising university participation of new migrants in regional communities, Report for the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, Centre for Higher Education Equity and Diversity Research, La Trobe University.

Robinson, C (2017) Who cares? Supported accommodation for unaccompanied children, Hobart: Anglicare Tasmania

Karen Soldatic, ‘A Study of War -affected Women with Disabilities in Sri Lanka: Pre -consultation Report

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Ruth McNair, Cal Andrews, Sharon Parkinson & Deb Dempsey (2017). LGBTQ Homelessness: Risks, Resilience, and Access to Services in Victoria

Clarke, J,
 Alston, M & Whittenbury, K 2017, Social sustainability in dairying communities impacted by the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Short Repor, Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability Research Unit, Department of Social Work, Monash University.

Johanna Wyn, 
Helen Cahill, Dan Woodman, Hernán Cuervo, Jenny ChestersJulia Cook, Josie ReadeGen Y on Gen Y

Lesley Pruitt (2017). Youth Leadership: An Annotated Bibliography (for PLAN International)

Lesley Pruitt (2017). Youth Leadership: Reflections and Recommendations from the Evidence Base (for PLAN International)

Deborah Lupton: Digital Health Stakeholder Workshop report now released

van Kooy, J
 & Randrianarisoa, A 2017, Giving asylum seekers a chance: insights from a pilot employment program, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Fitzroy, Vic.

Robinson, Catherine (2017) Too hard? Highly vulnerable teens in Tasmania, Hobart: Anglicare Tasmania.

Dina Bowman
, Shelley Mallett and Dairmuid Cooney-O’Donoghue 2017, Basic income: trade-offs and bottom lines

Petra Bueskens, ‘Poverty-traps and pay-gaps: why (single) mothers need basic income’ in Views of a Universal Basic Income: Perspectives from across Australia, The Greens Institute, pp. 42-51.

Pienaar, K
., Dilkes-Frayne, E., Fraser, S., Kokanovic, R., Moore, D., Treloar, C. and Dunlop, A. (2017). Experiences of alcohol and other drug addiction, dependence or habit in Australia: Findings and recommendations from a national qualitative study. National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University. ISBN: 978-0-9942806-4-0.

Dina Bowman, Marcus Banks
, Geraldine Fela, Roslyn Russell and Ashton de Silva:  Understanding financial wellbeing in times of insecurity, BSL / RMIT

Roslyn Russell, Dina Bowman, Marcus Banks and Ashton de Silva: All being well? Understanding Financial wellbeing, inclusion and risk. A summary of the presentations to the joint Brotherhood of St Laurence and RMIT University seminar

Penny Jane Burke, Anna Bennett, Matthew Bunn, Jacqueline Stevenson and Sue Clegg. (2017) ‘It’s about time: Working towards more equitable understandings of the impact of time for students in higher education’. Report for the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education.

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Ilan Wiesel, Daphne Habibis – NDIS, housing assistance and choice and control for people with disability, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

Ariella Meltzer, Zachary Parker, Christiane Purcal & Karen Fisher – Social Action Partners: peer support for children and young people with intellectual disability and , Social Policy Research Centre

Riaz Hassan and Bill Martin – Islamophobia, social distance and fear of terrorism in Australia: a preliminary reportInternational Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding

Grigg, Jodie, Lenton, Simon, Scott, John, & Barratt, Monica (2015) Social supply of cannabis in Australia. NDLERF, Canberra.

Katherine Betts – Voters’ attitudes to population growth in Australia: results of a survey conducted for Sustainable Population Australia, The Australian Population Research Institute

Kitty te Riele – Education at the heart of the children’s court, The Victorian Institute

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Tom Barnes – Lessons from manufacturing decline, Parliament of Victoria

Gary W. Dowsett
, Garrett Prestage, Duane Duncan, Daniel R. du Plooy, Andrea Waling – Moving on: mental health, resilience and sexual recovery among gay men living with prostate cancer

Morris, A, 
and O’Shea, É. (2015). Local  government services for refugees focusing on Africian Muslim Refugees  , Centre for Local Government, University of Technology Sydney Sydney.

Deborah Lupton
 & Sarah Pedersen –'What is happening with your body and your baby': Australian women's use of pregnancy and parenting

Lucas Walsh and Rosalyn Black – Youth volunteering in Australia: An evidence review, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

Anita Harris
, Nikki Honey, Kim Webster, Kristen Diemer, Violeta Politoff – Young Australians’ attitudes to violence against women, Government of Victoria

Anna Strempel, Larissa Nicholls & Yolande Strengers – Disconnections case studies: understanding the householder experience

Ilan Wiesel, Carmel Laragy, Sandra Gendera, Karen Fisher, Samantha Jenkinson, Trish Hill, Kate Finch,Wendy Shaw & Catherine Bridge – Moving to my home: housing aspirations, transitions and outcomes of people with disability

Maggie Kirkman, Deborah Keys, Alina Turner, Daria Bodzak – Does camping count? Children's experiences of homelessness

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Settling in Western Australia – Highlights of Proceedings from a 2013 Government, Service Provider, Community and Researcher Forum are available here.

Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) congratulating Michelle Peterie on being the 2018 JoS Best Paper Award winner for Docility and Desert: government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate