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Sociology Blogs

TASA members are invited to contribute to the various thematic group blogs found on our site TASA Sociology Blogs.

If you are a TASA member and you would like your blog listed on this page, please forward your link to TASA Admin.

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Australian Sociology Blog Links
Australian Sociology Blog Links
- Professor James Arvanitakis: Professor James Arvanitakis

- Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe & Demelza Marlin: Living in Relation

- Youth Sociology: TASAYouth

- Dr Brady Robards: Brady Robards

- Dr Deborah Lupton: This Sociological Life

- Professor Raewyn Connell: Raewyn Connell

- Tom Barnes: Labour in the Asian Century

- Steven Threadgold: Youth Class Culture

- Garth Stahl: Garth Stahl

- Trang Nguyen: Trang Nguyen

- Cultural Sociology: Cultural Fields

- Media: TASAMedia

- Research Whisperer

- Social Science Insights

- Sociology at Work

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Australian Sociology Publications
Australian Sociology Publications

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Sociology Blogs Around the World
Sociology Blogs Around the World
- Everyday Sociology

- Speak4Sociology – American Sociological Association

- Sociology & Social Work – University of Nairobi

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2019 Blog posts
2019 Blog posts
- Ashleigh Watson (14 March, 2019) Creative Sociology & So Fi Zine

- Gavin Smith (4 March, 2019) Red-bellied black snake an unwanted soccer recruit during Canberra’s busy snake season. RiotAct.

- Scott Poynting (March 18, 2019) ‘Terrorism has No Religion’. Criminology Collective,  subsequently published in Counter Punch.

- Alan Scott (March 2019) A Responsibility of the Sociologist.

- Deborah Lupton (March 25, 2019)Vitalities Lab Newsletter Number 1. This Sociological Life.))

- Kerryn Drysdale (March 25, 2019) Kerryn Drysdale: Championing collective responses in the intersection of health promotion and harm reduction for gay and bisexual men who use crystal methamphetamine. Cultural Studies Association of Australasia.

- Lana Tatour and Na’ama (March 21, 2019) Carlin Solidarity is not enough – white people need to take responsibility for white supremacy. Overland.

- Deborah Lupton (March 21, 2019) Ten tips for increasing your academic visibility. This Sociological Life.

- Archana Voola (March 21, 2019)A rose is a rose by any name?

- Kirsten Harley (5 February, 2019) The NDIS. Kirsten Harley, Living with MND.

- Ruth Jeanes, Ramón Spaaij & Jonathan Magee (5 February, 2019) Football, Healing, and Mental Health Recovery. Sportsocs.

- Lesley Pruitt & Erica Rose Jeffrey (4 February, 2019) Dancing through the dissonance: The body politic in 2019. BroadAgenda.

- Kirsten Harley (8 January, 2019) Six years! Kirsten Harley, Living with MND.

- Fabian Cannizzo (February 2019) The Implicit Data Pedagogy of Platform Academia. The Social Thinker.

- Annetta Mellon (January 7, 2019) Death Literacy Intros – let’s talk about death without euphemisms. No, really.

- Annetta Mellon (January 12, 2019) Death Literacy Intros: how death literacy literally saves you money and time!

- Sherene Idriss (January 21, 2019) The presentation of (ECR) self in higher education: insecurities, impression management and book deals by Sherene Idriss. TASA Youth.

- Anoushka Benbow (January 20, 2109) Fiction: Smiling Gives You Wrinkles. The Sociological Review.

- Kirsten Harley (26 February, 2019) Next gen MND awareness

- Deborah Lupton (23 February, 2019)  Re/imagining Personal Data Workshop: Call for participants

- Deborah Lupton (22 February, 2019) Vitalities Lab is go!

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2018 Blog posts
2018 Blog posts
- Fabian Cannizzo and Nick Osbaldiston (27 November, 2018) Awaiting a Sociology of Global Academia. The Sociological Review.

- Fabian Cannizzo (3 December, 2018) the shifting rhythms of academic work. On Education.

- Fellow member, and previous Executive member, Kirsten Harley, who is living with Motor Neuron Disease, shares with us why she recently chose a tracheostomy AND laryngectomy ‘On Deciding to Keep Living with MND: A Triptych‘.

- Fabian Cannizzo (13 December, 2018) The Cultural Economy of Creative Work. The Social Thinker.

- Fabian Cannizzo (31 October, 2018) The Social Structures of Global Academia – New Book, Coming Soon! The Social Thinker.

- Deborah Lupton (26 October, 2018) Have large numbers of Australians left Facebook? It seems not. This Sociological Life.

- Geraldine Fela, Amy Thomas & Hannah McCann (15 October, 2018) Long live the gender whisperers. Overland.

- Florence Chiew & Ashley Barnwell (5 November, 2018) Methodological Intimacies: Contagion, Competition and the Figure of the Twins.

- Anoushka Benbow (4 November, 2018) Human, all too human: how does ‘human optimisation culture’ speak to our epoch? nightgardenia

- Alan Scott (3 November, 2018) Dominant Theories

- Nalini Haynes (3 November, 2018) Representations of Albinism in Australian High School English Texts: Literature Review (draft)

- Welcome to the last edition of Nexus for 2018.  You can go directly to the Nexus site here or click on the individual articles below:

- Eileen Clark: Editorial

- Dan Woodman: The Minister’s veto and why we should do Social Sciences Week again

- Louise St Guillaume: Anxiety and Teaching Sociology

- Julia Cook: Reflecting on an ISA session addressing Andy Furlong’s legacy

- Alan Scott: The 20- to 30-year gap has come (but it now seems as if it’s going)

- Eileen Clark: The Boomer’s Lament

- Sally Daly: Sociologist Stars

- Patrick Brownlee: Reflections on the XIX International Congress of Sociology

- Suzanne Franzway: ISA Congress Toronto July 2018: Two Congresses

- Rosemary Hancock: Reflection on ISA 2018, Toronto

- Joel McGregor: The Beaumont children: Investigations and implications of cold cases

- Kristine Aquino & Jennifer Cheng: A Symposium: Migration, social inclusion and the multicultural city

- Timothy Graham, Naomi Smith and Scott Doidge: Symposium: Digital societies

- Bruce Curtis: Southern Notes #6

- Ashleigh Watson: Postgraduate portfolio report

- Doctoral Completions

- Elizabeth Humphrys and Ihab Shalbak (12 November, 2018) On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio Gramsci.

- Christopher Mayes (9 October, 2018) NEW BOOK: Unsettling Food Politics

- Ann Game (12 October, 2018) Belonging in Anghiari: Silvia Dressles

- Daile Rung (11 October, 2018) Researcher illuminates grey areas of citizenship. Charles Darwin University.

- Deborah Lupton (10 October, 2018) Personal data metaphors and imagery. This Sociological Life.

- Nick Osbaldiston (5 October, 2018) Seachanger: the next generation? Infelices Possidentes

- Alan Scott (11 October, 2018) Identifying outcomes of change.

- Brady Robards (4 October, 2018). Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Aqua Hastings.

- Crystal Abidin (24 September, 2018). Shadow Economies Of The Influencer Industry. Minutehack.

- Hannah McCann (August 29, 2018). Theory of Femininity. BINARYTHIS.

- Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher & Kate Fitz-Gibbon (7 September, 2018). Policing family violence: duty failures and accountability. LENS, Monash University.

- Ann Game (8 September, 2018). Belonging in Anghiari: Filippo Borgogni. Living in Relation.

- Anoushka Benbow (15 September, 2018). Inequality, culture and consumption: let them eat luxury, or the rise of masstige. NightGardenia.

- Crystal Abidin (23 September, 2018). Public shaming, Peer surveillance, and the Profitability of internet drama. WISHCRYS.

- Julia Cook (August 6, 2018). Reflecting on an ISA session addressing Andy Furlong’s legacy. TASA Youth.

- Ann Game (August 3, 2018). Belonging in Anghiari: Paola Foni (Part 2). Living in Relation.

- Joseph Borlagdan (August 15, 2018). A very public sociology.

- James Arvanitakis (August 10, 2018). Islamic Studies Network launch at WSU

- Deborah Lupton (August 16, 2018). Using graphic narratives for research translation and engagement

- Ann Game (August 24, 2018). Belonging in Anghiari: Lorenzo Sbragi. Living in Relation

- Deborah Lupton (August 26, 2018). Findings from the Young Australians and Digital Health Project. This Sociological Life

- Alan Scott (August 29, 2018).  Socially, nothing much has changed.

- Michael Walsh (August 30, 2108). Creating video abstracts: a few hints and tips

- Emma Barnard, ‘Why are young girls asking for vaginal cosmetic surgery?‘ Pursuit.

- Karen Farquharson (June 29, 2018). Race, sport and media: questioning the status quo. Pursuit.

- Alan Scott (June 2018). See Sociology as Human Interactions, Not Theory.

- Deborah Lupton (July 14, 2018). Ideas for participatory arts/design activities with a digital health focus. This Sociological Life.

- Ann Game, (July 17, 2018) ‘Belonging in Anghiari: Franco Talozzi‘. Living in Relation.

- Deborah Lupton (June 2, 2018). ‘Using a feminist materialism approach in empirical analysis‘. This Sociological Life.

- Alan Scott, ‘The changing meaning of retirement‘.

- Michelle Brady (May 16, 2018). Changes to employment network providers’ contracts significantly changes how these services engage with single mothers subject to welfare to work policies. Cambridge Core.

- Crystal Abidin (May 21, 2018). What Student Problem Memes Tell Us About Student Life Today. Cyborgology.

- Gavin Smith, ‘A day in the life: Gavin Smith‘. ANU Reporter, Vol. 49, No. 2

- Janeen Baxter (March 26, 2018). UQ researchers to help break the cycle of welfare reliance. UQ News

- Deborah Lupton (June 19, 2018). What do Australian women think of My Health Record?This Sociological Life.

- Raewyn Connell, ‘Survive and thrive at an academic conference: a guide for beginners, in five outbursts and a cough‘

- David Farrugia (June 21, 2018). ‘Youthfulness and Value in the New Economy.’ TASA Youth.

- Ann Game (June 26, 2018). ‘Belonging in Anghiari: Mark Curfoot-Mollington.’ Living in Relation

- Fran Collyer. ‘Sociologist of the Month‘, Current Sociology

- Fabian Cannizzo, ‘Learning at a Scholarly Pace: On the Socialised Temporalities of Academic Work‘. Cultural Sociology.

- Anoushka Benbow, ‘Dial ‘M’ for Menulog – Marketised Solutions, Intersections of Inequality and the Outsourcing of Domestic Labour‘

- Crystal Abidin, ‘Keynote video: Cultures of Internet Celebrity on YouTube‘

- Crystal Abidin, ‘Internet celebrity and Influencer cultures‘. ABC Radio Melbourne

- Alan Scott, ‘Stop the Jargon‘

- Alan Scott, ‘Research Waste‘

- Ashleigh Watson, ‘Reviewing Sociological Fiction‘, The Sociological Review

- James Arvanitakis, ‘Civics and citizenship education: promoting the future of Australian Democracy?‘

- Timothy Graham, ‘Unsocial media‘. Policy Forum.

- Penelope Bergen, ‘Where Sociologists Work‘. TASAweb

- Denejkina A. (24 May 2018) Stop centring Western academic ethics: deidentification in social science research. Research Ethics Monthly.

- Christopher Mayes, ‘The Politics of Fat: Restraint and the Good Life‘, ABC Religion & Ethics

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Fat 2nd edition now published‘. This Sociological Life

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Using feminist materialism to analyse app use‘. This Sociological Life

- Fabian Cannizzo, ‘The Irrational Pace of Craft-Time‘. The Sociological Review.

- Jordan McKenzie, ‘Sociological happiness: Why the dominant discourse needs to change‘

- Benjamin Pinkard,’The Complexities of Researching Gender Diverse Youth‘

- Fabian Cannizzo, ‘Am I a (Good) Neoliberal?‘

- Ann Game, ‘Easter in Turin‘

- Ann Game, ‘Sunday Lunch‘

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Some findings from my research on Australians’ use of digital health and self-tracking technologies

- Anoushka Benbow, ‘Anti-ageing culture, harm and accelerations of ageism‘.

- Ann Game, ‘Tranquillo‘

- Ann Game, ‘Anghiari flowers‘

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Digital health promotion: possibilities and limitations‘

- Ann Game, ‘Toppole in spring‘

- Ann Game, ‘La Verna in spring‘

- Trudy Hart, ‘The work-life balance struggle for contemporary single mothers: Individual views and experiences‘.

- Janeen Baxter, ‘Life Course Centre – March 2018 Newsletter‘

- Ann Game, ‘Weather, meetings, walking‘

- Alan Scott, ‘Applied Sociology Status‘

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Critical art and design projects about digital data‘

- Ashleigh Watson, ‘Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological Research’

- Matthew Barca, ‘Understanding the ‘Social’ in Social Anxiety’

- Postgraduate sub-committee, ‘Overview of PG Day 2017‘

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Frankenstein, Black Mirror, and personal data‘.

- Anne Game, ‘Welcome back to Anghiari‘.

- Janine Pickering: Award-winning Swinburne thesis explores gender in STEM management

- Roger Patulny, ‘All the Lonely People‘

- Kim Toffoletti, ‘From sport widows to sport fans: research tracks evolution of women supporters‘

- Alexia Maddox, ‘A Digital Bermuda Triangle: The Perils of Doing Ethnography on Darknet Drug Markets‘

- Crystal Abidin, ‘Elderly Influencers in East Asia, Cyborgolog

- Crystal Abidin, ‘Somewhere Between Here and There: Goldilocking Between Fieldwork and Academia‘, anthro{dendum}

- Crystal Abidin, ‘edited series of blogposts for anthro{dendum}:

- Ashleigh Watson, ‘Writing Sociological Fiction & Making So Fi Zine‘

- Deborah Lupton, ‘Second edition of my book Fat out soon‘

- Crystal Abidin, ‘Academia and the refusal of overwork culture‘

- Fabian Cannizzo: Challenges for the Future of Australian Sociology

- Deborah Lupton: My 2017 Publications

- Amy Dobson, Benjamin Hanckel, Rose Butler, ‘TASA Youth Symposium: ‘Research Methods in Youth Studies: Doing ‘Difference Differently’

- Deborah Lupton, ‘New materialisms: key approaches‘

- James Arvanitakis, ‘Ensuring the economy serves society: a review of Elizabeth Warren’s biography‘

- Ramon Menendez, ‘The Authenticity of Carlos Castaneda‘

- Ben Eltham & James Arvanitakis, ‘Spoon-feeding and the Massified University. Are university courses really getting dumber?

Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) with 2018 Journal of Sociology Best Paper recipient Michelle Peterie.