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Informed News & Analysis


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Joshua Roose (March 21, 2019) What do we do when the terrorist is “one of us”? (and other hard questions in the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting) ABC Religion and Ethics

Na’ama Carlin (February 6, 2019) Ill-Met By GaslightMeanjin. 

Na’ama Carlin (February 6, 2019) Don’t sit and watch antisemitism risingEureka Street. 

Na’ama Carlin (March 18, 2019) What I learned from my year of having no thingsSBS Life.

Natalier, K. (2019). Australia’s Child Support System Facilitates Economic AbusePower to Persuade.

Waling, A. (2019). Fear of discrimination stops LGBTI Australians from seeking mental health support. Star Observer.

Waling, A. (2019). Better supporting LGBTI people in crisis. The Courier. 05.02.2019.

Hannah McCann & Lucy Nicolas  (18 February, 2019) Gender troublesInside Story.

Kate Huppatz, JaneMaree Maher et al. (17 February, 2019) ‘Another level’: Why Meghan has been cast as a villainThe Sydney Morning Herald. 

Raewyn Connell (February, 2019) The Problem With a Fight Against ‘Toxic Masculinity’The Atlantic. 

Gavin Smith (19 February, 2019) Why we fear snakes – and it’s not because they kill usThe Canberra Times. 

Jessica Richards, 
Eric Anderson & Keith D. Parry (1 March, 2019)Rugby league may finally have reached its tipping point on player behaviour and violence. The Conversation. 

Stewart Lockie (1 March, 2019) People and issues outside our big cities are diverse, but these priorities stand outThe Conversation. 

Sophie Lewis, Karen Willis and Rebecca Olson (March 15, 2019) If you’ve got private health insurance, the choice to use it in a public hospital is your ownThe Conversation. 

Philippa Collin (March 14, 2019) Young voters may hold the key to the NSW state election: here’s whyThe Conversation. 

Bousfield, K. (2019). Aussie parents are under pressure to buy their kids academic advantage tooThe Conversation, March 25, 2019.

Rachel Busbridge
 & Mark Chou (January 16, 2019) Forcing Australia Day citizenship ceremonies on councils won’t make the issue go awayThe Conversation.

Christopher Mayes (January 11, 2019) Cultivating a nation: why the mythos of the Australian farmer is problematicThe Conversation. 

Rachel Busbridge (January 7, 2019) The far-right may think they own ‘nationalism’, but we can reclaim it as a force for goodThe Conversation. 

Brendan Churchill (January 23, 2019) Australia can do more to attract and keep women in parliament – here are some ideasThe Conversation.

Peter Walters (January 31, 2019) Why outer suburbs lack inner city’s ‘third places’: a partial defence of the hipsterThe Conversation. 

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Lawrie Zion, Andrew Dodd, Matthew Ricketson, Merryn Sherwood, Monika Winarnita, Penny O’Donnell & Timothy Marjoribanks (5 December, 2018) New research reveals how Australian journalists are faring four years after redundancyThe Conversation. 

Aleesha Rodriguez (30 November, 2018) Happy birthday, SA’s big battery, and many happy returns (of your recyclable parts)The Conversation. 

Sue Malta, 
Jane Hocking, Meredith Temple-Smith, Christina Bryant and Adrian Bickerstaffe (12 December, 2018) Why is no-one talking about safe sex for the over 60s?Pursuit. 

Jessica Richards 
&  Keith Parry (7 December, 2018) Australians love their sport, but investing in new venues is another matterThe Conversation. 

Kellie Bousfield 
& Jacquie Tinkler (6 December, 2018) Student protests show Australian education does get some things rightThe Conversation. 

Leah Ruppanner, Francisco Perales & Janeen Baxter (17 December, 2018) Having a second child worsens parents’ mental health: new researchThe Conversation. 

Judith Bessant (15 December, 2018) Politicians ignore the young at their perilThe Sydney Morning Herald. 

Julie Henderson & Eileen Willis (25 October, 2018) Want to improve care in nursing homes? Mandate minimum staffing levelsThe Conversation. 

Jessica Richards et al. (7 November, 2018) Note to governments: sports stadiums should benefit everyone, not just fansThe Conversation. 

Brendan Churchill (4 November, 2018) Financial crisis hit young men hard – and they’re yet to recoverSydney Morning Herald. 

Tania McMullen (4 November, 2018) Kelly Orsini faces the challenge of parenting a child with ADHD – and dealing with the uninformed judgement of other parents. The Courier. 

Ben Spies-Butcher (12 November, 2018) Two birds with one stone. How better taxing super could fund aged careThe Conversation. 

Amy Thomas (12 November, 2018) Abbott’s vision for remote education has been tried, and failedCrikey. 

Shanthi Robertson (11 November, 2018) Gap years, working holidays, ‘voluntourism’: Have we been sold a lie? National Nine News.

Randa Abdel Fattah (09 November, 2018) How a Sri Lankan student’s arrest on terror charges exposes a system built to suspect minoritiesThe Conversation. 

Kim Toffoletti (16 November, 2018) Creative thinking brings more parents to conferencesInvenio.

Denejkina, A. (15 November, 2018) In Russia, feminist memes buy jail time, but domestic abuse doesn’t.
Foreign Policy

Michelle Brady & Belinda Hewitt (15 November, 2018) Marriage has changed dramatically throughout history, but gender inequalities remainThe Conversation. 

James Arvanitakis (28 November, 2018) What are tech companies doing about ethical use of data? Not muchThe Conversation. 

Andrea Waling (17 October, 2018) Our relationship with dick pics: it’s complicated. The Conversation. 

Andrea Waling (10 September, 2018) Three things Netflix’s controversial ‘fat-shaming’ series Insatiable gets rightThe Conversation.

Christopher Mayes (23 October, 2018) Is eating a settler-colonial act? Food justice and Indigenous sovereigntyABC Religion. 

Andrew Clarke
 & Cameron Parsell (22 October, 2018) Turning ‘big brother’ surveillance into a helping hand to the homelessThe Conversation. 

Meredith Nash & Robyn Moore (2018) Are Leadership Styles in STEMM Gendered?Association for Women in Science (page 8).

Michelle Peterie (22 October, 2018) The ‘soft’ violence of onshore immigration detentionOverland. 

Mary Lou Rasmussen, Andrew Singleton, Anna Halafoff & Gary D Bouma (16 October, 2018) There’s no argument or support for allowing schools to discriminate against LGBTIQ teachersThe Conversation. 

Flood, M (2018) “Australian study reveals the dangers of ‘toxic masculinity’ to men and those around them.” The Conversation, October 16. URL:

Lisa Denny, Felicity Picken & Nick Osbaldiston (16 October, 2018) Meet the new seachangers: now it’s younger Australians moving out of the big citiesThe Conversation. 

Mary Rasmussen (12 October, 2018) Australian students support expression of sexuality at school: studySBS NEWS.

Nicholas Hookwway (4 October, 2018) Group think: scholars assess the state of sociology. Times Higher Education. Please note, you will need to register to read the article (if not registered already).

Keith D. Parry & Jessica Richards (10 October, 2018) The AFLW found instant success, but challenges remain for its long-term sustainabilityThe Conversation.

Crystal Abidin (15 October, 2018) With Risky Teen Drama, Facebook Further Blurs the Line Between Real and Fake. Education Week. 

Crystal Abidin (12 October, 2018) The purchase of followers for the revenge of the internet is one of the best placesGirlfriend. 

Robyn Moore & Meredith Nash (20 September, 2018). ‘Walking into a headwind’ – what it feels like for women building science careers. The Conversation. 

Steven Roberts (5 October, 2018) The ABC of property buying for Generation ZFinancial Review.

Holly Thorpe & Belinda Wheaton (1 October, 2018). Women’s surfing riding wave towards gender equityThe Conversation. 

Alan Morris
 & Catherine Davis (September 6, 2018). Local councils put affordable housing supply in the too hard basket.  The Conversation. 

Gary D Bouma (September 5, 2018). Young people want sex education and religion shouldn’t get in the way.  The Conversation. 

Kim Beasy & Ruby Grant (August 31, 2018). More than just lip service: done right, awareness-raising days can pack a punchThe Conversation. 

Jo Lindsay (August 30, 2018). A third of women think they’re better parents than their partnersThe Sydney Morning Herald.

Dan Woodman (8 September, 2018). The new boom: Why grandma is a stoner. The NewDaily.

Crystal Abidin (August, 2018). “There’s too much pressure on your relationship”: What it’s like to break up on YouTubeShortList.

Crystal Abidin (27 July, 2018). Is a Meme Born in a Private Account Still a Meme?WIRED.

Crystal Abidin (31 July, 2018) 5 Misconceptions about internet celebrities by Crystal AbidinFemale First.

Robyn Moore & Meredith Nash (20 September, 2018). ‘Walking into a headwind’ – what it feels like for women building science careers. The Conversation. 

Andrew Singleton, Anna Halafoff, Gary D Bouma, & Mary Lou Rasmussen (18 September, 2018). New research shows Australian teens have complex views on religion and spirituality. The Conversation. 

Mark Chou & Lesley Pruitt (18 September, 2018). Let’s give 16-year-olds the right to vote — they’re more than readyABC News.

Michael Walsh (16 September, 2018 ). Canberra schools buck smartphone ban trend. ABC News. 

Jenny Kennedy, Larissa Nicholls, Paula Arcari & Yolande Strengers (27 September, 2018). One reason people install smart home tech is to show off to their friendsThe Conversation. 

Emma Rowe (24 September, 2018). Public schools losing out in political power playsThe Conversation.

Crystal Abidin (24 September, 2018). Shadow Economies Of The Influencer IndustryMinuteHack.

Crystal Abidin (13 September, 2018).What is an internet celebrity any way?  CYBOROLOGY. 

Steve O’Brien (July 25, 2018). Going backwards is the new going forwardThe Herald. 

Karen Soldatic (July 26, 2018), New report brings Sri Lankan women living with a disability ‘Out of the Shadows‘. Western Sydney University News Centre.

TASA 2018 (2018). Why are so many academic conferences hostile to women? The Guardian

Leah Ruppanner & Brendan Churchill (August 6, 2018). Sorry, men, there’s no such thing as ‘dirt blindness’ – you just need to do more houseworkThe Conversation.

David Rowe (August 3rd, 2018). Angela Williamson’s sacking shows gulf between Cricket Australia’s words and deedsThe Conversation.

Jo Lindsay & Deb Dempsey ( August 4th, 2018).  As common names become uncommon, parents feel pressure to perform. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Kate Fitz-Gibbon,  JaneMaree Maher, Jude McCulloch & Sandra Walklate (August 3, 2018). Victorian government should be wary of introducing a stand-alone offence of non-fatal strangulationThe Conversation.

Vivienne Waller (June 30, 2018). Planet or plastic? Australian Academy of Science

Juliet Watson (August 12, 2018). ‘Just a piece of meat’: how homeless women have little choice but to use sex for survival’. The Conversation

Sumnall H & MacLean S (2018) ‘Volatile substance abuse – a problem that never went awayThe Conversation. 8 August, 2018

Roberts, Steven, Elliott, Karla & Maloney, Marcus (2018), ”Battleground: masculinity’ – The importance of highlighting men’s contestations of manliness’, Discover Society.

Catherine Robinson (August 7, 2018). Comment: Why ‘Filthy Rich & Homeless’ enables the homeless to tell their own stories. SBS

Petra Bueskens (August 9, 2018). It’s OK To Be Right, But Careful What You Wish For Lauren SouthernNewMatilda

Kristin Natlier (August 30, 2018). What type of relationship should I have with my co-parent now we’re divorced.  The Conversation.

Dan Woodman (August 28, 2018). With Scott Morrison, Gen X are now in charge. But will this close the generational divide? ABC News.

Sue Malta & Raelene Wilding (August 26, 2018). The digital divide: small, social programs can help get seniors onlineThe Conversation. 

Alexandra Wong, David Rowe & Teresa Swist (June 28, 2018). Sydney artists are being priced out of the city – here’s how to bring them backThe Conversation. 

Dina Bowman (July 2, 2018). Employment services aren’t working for older jobseekers, jobactive staff or employers. The Conversation.

Michael Gilding, 
Dean Lusher & Helen Bird (July 12, 2018). ‘Network contagion’ is key to getting healthier numbers of women on company boards.  The Conversation.

Joshua Roose (July 11, 2018). ‘Ideological masculinity’ that drives violence against women is a form of violent extremismThe Conversation.

JaneMaree Maher & Kate Fitz-Gibbon (July 19, 2018). Explainer: what is parricide and how common is it in Australia? The Conversation.

Kristin Natalier. (June 5, 2018). What does ‘home’ mean for children whose parents have separated? Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

Michael Walsh. (May 28, 2018). ‘The Interaction Order and Musical Sound: Shopping with Erving GoffmanThe Sociological Inquiry

Bridges, Donna,
 Krivokapic-Skoko, Branka., Wulff, Elizabeth., Bamberry, Larissa. & Jenkins, Stacey. (June 1, 2018). The female tradie shortage: why real change requires a major cultural shiftThe Conversation

Helen Forbes-Mewitt.  (June 2, 2018). ”It’s stressful being an other’: The mental health woes of international students’The Canberra Times

David Rowe (June 12, 2018). ‘Is Russia worthy of hosting the World Cup?‘ The Conversation

Christopher Mayes (THE POLITICS OF (NOT) LISTENING) & colleagues, ‘The Uluru Statement from Heart, One Year On: Can a First Nations Voice Yet be Heard?‘ABC Religion & Ethics

Shirley Jackson (June 21, 2018). Why we don’t need to prepare young people for the ‘future of work’.The Conversation. 

Michael Walsh  (June 20, 2018). ‘How men are embracing ‘clean eating’ posts on Instagram‘. The Conversation. 

Kim Toffoletti (June 18, 2018). Why stereotypes of sexy women fans persist at the World CupThe Conversation. 

Christopher Pollard. ‘A Broader Politics: The ethical and political contribution of Jim Cairns’. Arena Magazine 153,April-May 2018.

James Arvanitakis, 
Andrew Francis & Oliver Obst (June 22, 2018).  ‘Data ethics is more than just what we do with data, it’s also about who’s doing it’The Conversation.

Brendan Churchill 
& Lyn Craig (June 27, 2018) When it comes to childcare, grandparents are the least stressful option for mum and dad.  The Conversation.

Mandy Hughes (June 27, 2018).How gardening can improve the mental health of refugeesThe Conversation.

Amanda Wise, Kristine Aquino & colleagues (April 30, 2018). Pushing casual sport to the margins threatens cities’ social cohesionThe Conversation

Donna Bridges & Ben Wadham (April 23, 2018). Media reporting on women in the military is preserving a male dominated cultureThe Conversation. 

Marcus Maloney, ‘Jordan Peterson: The battle for the hearts and minds of young men‘, Mojo News

Andrew Butt, Andrew Fisher & Shakira Hussein, ‘Can meat exports be made humane? Here are three key strategies‘. The Conversation

Crystal Abidin, ‘Layers of Identity: How to be “real” when everyone is watching’. Real Life

Joshua Roose, ‘How Indonesia is dealing with the new threat posed by returning Islamic State fighters‘. The Conversation

Ramon Spaaij & Ruth Jeanes, ‘Practical steps to supporting diversity in junior sport‘. Play by the Rules.

Dan Woodman, ‘Nice work, if you can get it‘. The Australian

Randa Abdel-Fattah, ‘Weddings, Gaza and Losing Faith‘. Q & A, Monday May 21

Scott Doidge, ‘Friday essay: the politics of the US family sitcom, and why Roseanne rocks.’ The Conversation

Lisa Denny, ‘
Migration is slowing Australia’s rate of ageing, but not necessarily in the regions.’ The Conversation

Riaz Hassan,  ‘The UAE’s Unsustainable Nation Building’, YaleGlobal, April 24, 2018

Jack Hynes & Ramon Spaaij, ‘Commonwealth Games injuries highlight a problematic culture in elite sports‘. The Conversation.

Melissa Phillips & colleague, ‘It’s Time to Stop Compartmentalizing Refugees and Migrants‘. Refugees Deeply.

David Rowe, ‘Can the Commonwealth Games change perceptions of the Gold Coast?‘ The Conversation.

James Arvanitakis, ‘IVF is a sausage factory I was not prepared for‘ The Age

Sophie Lewis & Karen Willis, ‘Do you really need private health insurance? Here’s what you need to know before decidingThe Conversation

Alan Morris, ‘Mission nearly impossible: the City of Sydney’s efforts to increase the affordable housing supply‘.The Conversation

Ben Wadham, ‘Hazing and sexual violence in Australian universities: we need to address men’s culturesThe Conversation

Gavin Wood, Guy Johnson, Juliet Watson, Rosanna Scutella, ‘Homeless numbers will keep rising until governments change course on housing‘, The Conversation

Scillio, Mark (2018) ‘Screens at School’, AEU News Magazine, Issue 1, 2018.

Sherene Idriss, ‘What does a ‘Leb’ look like?‘. The Conversation

Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher, Kate Fitz-Gibbon &
Sandra Walklate, ‘We won’t stop lone-actor attacks until we understand violence against womenThe Conversation

Luke Gahan & Christy Newman, ‘Same-sex parents who separate facing extra challenges in a system playing catch-up

David Rowe 
& Jung Woo Lee , ‘2018 Winter Olympics set to begin against the backdrop of warm words and cold politics‘, The Conversation

John Germov 
& Julie McIntyre, ‘The rise and fall of Ben Ean Moselle and what it says about Australian society, The Conversation

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Should guests be charged to attend weddings, birthdays, funerals?‘ New Daily

Deborah Lupton, ‘Grey’s Anatomy is unrealistic, but it might make junior doctors more compassionate‘, The Conversation

Nick Pendergrast, ‘The perils of pet ownership: your dog isn’t a ‘fur baby’, it’s your property‘, ABC News

John Scott: Male sex workers catering to more women and couples, as legal reform lags, ABC News

Brendan Churchill: Mum, dad and two kids no longer the norm in the changing Australian familyThe Conversation

David Rowe & colleague:The Winter Olympics and the two Koreas: how sport diplomacy could save the world. The Conversation

Andrew Glover: Sustainable shopping: is it possible to fly sustainably? The Conversation

James Arvanitakis: Social trends shaping 2018, ABC News

Shirley Jackson: The problem isn’t unskilled graduates, it’s a lack of full-time job opportunitiesThe Conversation

Maggie Walter, ‘First reconciliation, then a republic – starting with changing the date of Australia Day‘, The Conversation

Nik Taylor, ‘Animals help refugee kids‘, Education Today

Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) congratulating Michelle Peterie on being the 2018 JoS Best Paper Award winner for Docility and Desert: government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate