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Cultures of Wellbeing 


Cultures of Wellbeing: TASA Symposium
A Cultural Sociology Thematic Group Event
10am-3pm, Wednesday, 23 November
Online and in-person - Deakin Downtown, Deakin University


CS event image
The Cultural Sociology Thematic Group welcome papers for “Cultures of Wellbeing”, a half day symposium at Deakin Downtown, Deakin University’s city conference venue. The symposium will feature a keynote speaker as well as paper presentations and workshops from interdisciplinary scholars who work across areas of culture, health, the environment, politics and the Arts.

In this symposium, we will explore cultures of wellbeing in a context of multisystemic crises that call for an urgent need to re-imagine human futures. Beyond individual survival, what cultures, systems and structures are needed to enable human flourishing at the crossroads of the climate emergency (with its attendant environmental and health crises), an info-demic and growing inequality?
Themes include:
• Critical ecologies, the environment
• New materialisms - objects that support resilience
• Wellness cultures
• Online communities
• Economic supports, such as universal basic incomes
• Religion and spirituality
• Arts, cultural formations and wellbeing
• Community spaces and architectures
• Housing and shelter
• Intimacies, emotions and touch
• Popular culture

Image by Cheryl Conway


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Group Convener:

Vivian Gerrand
Deakin University

Megan Rose
Megan Rose
Vitalities Lab UNSW

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