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Date: 3/9/2022
Subject: new committee members
From: TASA

Newsletter for Postgraduate Members of TASA

Committee Restructure

Dear Postgraduates,
The beginning of this year has set off with a shaky start. Unfortunately, our wonderful Postgraduate Portfolio Leader, Anthony KJ Smith, has been suffering ongoing fatigue after contracting COVID. As a result he has had to step down from the role, in order to focus his attention and energies on finishing his thesis. Thank you Anthony for your fantastic work and hope you get well soon.
Further, Defeng Jin (Jane) has submitted her PhD and is now working full-time at the Burnet Institute. Well done Jane and congratulations. Jane has also resigned from the committee.
Hence, we have been seeking new members for the committee. We welcome Bernardo Tomas Dewey from the University of Western Australia. Looking forward to working with you, Bernardo. We would also love to welcome another new member, as the committee is still slightly lean, especially as we hope to host a PostGrad Day in person this year at the November Conference.
So, if you would like to contribute to the PostGrad Sub-committee, please send me an email on 
We wish you a productive year. 
We recommend that you join us for our regular monthly TASA Thursday session @ 12:30PM AEST. Our next session will be on April 7, hosted by Richa George discussing with panel members the pros and cons of a tradition thesis and a thesis by publication. It promises to be a great session. 
Kind regards,
Dorinda 't Hart

Dorinda 't Hart

Richa George


Laura Simpson Reeves

Sam Miles


Bernardo Tomás Dewey

You can folllow postgraduate activity via Twitter: @tasapostgrads