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Jodie I Bruning 

Whakamarama, BP  New Zealand

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Whakamarama, BP  New Zealand

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Non-government/non-profit organisation
Self employed
University of Auckland
Full-time Masters student
2nd year
Innovation and Ignorance: How Innovation Funding Cultures Disincentivise EDC Research
Do institutional structures and norms encourage or deter research into the human health impact of hormone disrupting synthetic chemicals?

Thematic Groups

Environment & Society
Risk Societies


An Australian researcher/writer living in New Zealand with a strong interest in the nexus of regulatory and public interest law, and the science used by the public sector to provide evidence of risk (or lack thereof). Therefore I research across human and environmental health. My interests concern the potential for modern technologies (which include industrial, urban and agricultural chemicals) to disrupt and damage biome function - be the biome water, soil, air, invertebrate or vertebrate (including human). I particularly work to encourage discourse on risk in infancy and childhood, and how this is navigated (or not navigated); and the potential application of the precautionary principle to protect public and environmental health. My undergraduate degree was B.Bus. Agribusiness (Monash).

My masters research thesis (being graded at this point in time), completed 2021, concerned Innovation and Ignorance: How Innovation Funding Cultures Disincentivise Endocrine Disruption Research.

I am interested in connecting with sociologists working in this sphere.